Save our Gallery

Hey Auckland. Our council is about to make some massive decisions about the future – and our Gallery, (you know – that beautiful building that won all the world architecture awards, and is the much-loved heart and soul of this super city), is at risk. 

You may not know (and don’t worry, a lot of us are only just catching on), but Auckland Art Gallery’s funding has already been cut dramatically over the last few years and needs to be remarkably increased from 2018 onwards.  We need to speak up.

Despite 50% more exhibition spaces, 80% more public event space and a growing Auckland super-city population to serve, Auckland Art Gallery operates with the same level of public funding as it did over 10 years ago. There’s something seriously not right about that.



What happens when the core cultural backbone of Auckland, loses its place
in the city?


People disappear.

More than 500 000 people love and visit our Gallery every year. Imagine a Gallery that is no longer free for all of us, and isn’t open every day. It’s a no brainer – numbers will seriously dwindle.

You lose reputation.

Fewer international shows, inability to support New Zealand artists, lack of capacity to care for collections – like the much loved Lindauer and Goldie collections – loss of confidence by private donors to pARTner with the Gallery… What is now an internationally renowned gallery could become a ho-hum regional facility with little ambition.

Young minds suffer.

The Gallery’s education programme currently serves over 40,000 young people – and for many students, this is their only access to art in their lives. What will happen to the creative potential of our future generation if the Gallery can no longer afford to support these young people and their schools?


Imagination is drained.

Without adequate funding for an ambitious exhibition programme, the opportunity for the community to play, be creative and imagine is drained. Participation in the arts leads to greater wellbeing for individuals and communities

We need to move fast.
Heres some things you can do to help


What’s the rush?

Over the next two months, the Auckland Council will hold a series of discussions around its 10 Year Long Term Plan, to discuss the city’s priorities and decide how the money will be divvied up. The Gallery, with its supporters, has already proposed a funding increase to Council within this plan, but now it’s up to ALL of us to play our pART, make some noise and show the decision markers how loved and needed Auckland Art Gallery is.


Be a pART of it: what can you do?

  • Become aware of the situation (we weren’t aware till recently either)
  • Sign the shout out for better funding from Auckland Council
  • Get noisy about it online – spread the word on Facebook and Instagram
  • Scroll to the bottom of our website to sign up to our eNewsletter
  • Prepare a submission and send it in by 23 February for the Finance and Planning Committee (Chairperson: Cr Ross Clow / Deputy Chairperson: Cr Desley Simpson)

In this neat little folder you’ll find just the tools you need to get on board and help spread awareness around this issue... These bits and bobs include:

A ‘PART of Me’ template – print it off, fill in the blanks and tell us what pART art plays in your life (i.e. pART of my family, pART of my weekend, pART of my studies, pART of my imagination, pART of my dreams), take a photo, upload it to social media and tag us @SaveOurGallery #SaveOurGallery

A series of PART of Me social media tiles to share online with your friends and family to show you care and to help grow awareness



Put your name on the list and join the SHOUT OUT for better funding from Auckland Council

Complete the form below and we'll automatically add your name to our list to present to Auckland Council and
show them you're one of many Aucklanders and art lovers who want to save our city's public art gallery. 

We'd love for you to include a message about what art and the gallery means to you.
We want to make sure you're heard loud and clear.

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It's time to get together.


Volunteer huddle

Want to find out how you can help out? Meet us next Tuesday and let's talk about what's next.

Tuesday 30 January, 5.30pm
Allpress Studio, 8 Drake Street
Beer provided by Epic Beer




Signing of the scroll

Come show your support for Auckland Art Gallery and sign the physical shout out on the Gallery's public forecourt. Food and drink is on us.

Friday 16 February, 11.30am – 5.00pm
Auckland Art Gallery public forecourt
Good food and drink provided



Present submission to Auckland Council

This date is all about showing support in numbers. Save the dates 21st and 27th March (TBC) as we present our submission and physical shout out to Auckland Council.

More details coming soon...


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